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Reach out for your specialized project. Leveraging our expertise and dedication, we’ll navigate you towards success. Rest assured, your needs are in expert hands with us.

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Empowering Security System Solutions

We assist you by providing expert guidance and tailored solutions.

About Us

27+ years of experience in video surveillience and network-technology

With years of experience, we’ve successfully navigated every technical challenge, leveraging our deep expertise to deliver exceptional solutions for every project.

“Our commitment is to transform your vision into reality with unparalleled expertise and a personalized approach, ensuring your project exceeds expectations.”

Johannes März– CEO ETEC

Why Choose Us

your security is our Priority Make a smart choice for your safety

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Expertise and Experience

Expert in CCTV with deep technology insight, offering tailored surveillance solutions to meet specific security needs.

Certified Engineers & Quality Work

"Providing top-tier products and innovative technologies like AI analytics and facial recognition for advanced security solutions."

Save Your Money

Offering scalable, cost-effective security solutions that reduce risks and adapt to changing needs.

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive security service from design to maintenance, integrating CCTV with existing systems for a seamless solution.

Our Services

Explore Our Services

“Expert solutions built to last and always perform, guaranteeing cost efficiency and timely delivery. Your satisfaction is our promise.”
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Network Technology

Network Technology

Empowering your connectivity with cutting-edge network solutions. Reliable, fast, and secure services tailored to you.

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video surveillance CCTV

video surveillance CCTV

Enhancing security with advanced video surveillance and CCTV. Tailored, reliable, and comprehensive monitoring solutions.

Network connection box

Network connection box

Secure and seamless video surveillance and CCTV connections. Expert wiring solutions for flawless monitoring systems.

Best video surveillance Company

"Efficiency & Reliability: Cost-Optimized Solutions with Timely Delivery"

“We prioritize thoughtful planning, provide guidance, and focus on cost-effective operations while ensuring deadlines are met. Our approach guarantees efficiency, reliability, and the highest standards of service and execution.”

Average Project Cost Savings with ETEC
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Do you have a specific project in mind that requires professional technical implementation and consultation? We're here to provide comprehensive solutions and expertise. Contact us now for a personalized consultation and discover how we can lead your project to success with tailor-made solutions. Take the first step towards a secure and efficient realization of your ideas – we look forward to supporting you!

Work Process

We Complete Every Step Carefully

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Make Appointment

Easy communication - simply reach out via email or phone.


Consultation Project

Understanding your project, providing advice, and planning effectively.


Project Execution

Execute project cost-effectively after careful planning and coordination.


Project completion

Inspection and in-time delivery or on-site installation, including documentation.

Our Projects

Projects We Have Done

“We specialize in large-scale industrial projects, yet our expertise also extends to successfully guiding smaller, personalized projects in both private and commercial sectors.”
Transport and Traffic

Transport and Traffic

Experts in secure global traffic objects: freight, roads, tunnels, trains, and more.

Home surveillance

Home surveillance

Security monitoring for homes and private properties.

Energy production

Energy production

Monitoring and security systems for industrial energy facilities.

airport surveillance

airport surveillance

Securing and monitoring airport terminals


We Complete 100+ Project Yearly Successfully

“We handle international projects across various sectors, including for example energy production, transportation, and public spaces, covering nearly every field imaginable.”

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What They Says About Us

We have many long-standing customers who value our expertise and feedback. These clients repeatedly return, knowing the value they receive for their money.

"I have been collaborating with Etec for a long time and am consistently amazed at how problems are solved and the technical capabilities are fully leveraged."

    Frank Reinhold
    Frank Reinhold

    Networktechnology Expert

    "Working with Etec is seamless, as they ensure a smooth collaboration process and consistently adhere to agreed-upon delivery schedules."

      Maria Weinmarn
      Maria Weinmarn

      Security Project Manager

      "As a customer, I'm particularly impressed with Etec's technical expertise. Their advice saves us from many issues and, importantly, a lot of money."

        Leonard Karpowski
        Leonard Karpowski


        Our Blog

        Lates News and Articles

        Our blogs and articles delve into advanced video surveillance and security technologies, offering expert insights and tailored solutions to enhance safety and efficiency for industrial and private clients.

        glass fiber, network, internet-7430902.jpg

        Glasfaser Verbindung

        Glasfasertechnologie ist das Rückgrat moderner Telekommunikationsnetzwerke und bietet eine überragende Übertragungsgeschwindigkeit und Bandbreite im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen

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        network, telecommunication, fiber optic-3864383.jpg

        Fiber optic cable!

        Fiber optic cables are a cornerstone of modern communication technologies, enabling high-speed data transmission across vast distances

        Read More »
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