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Welcome to ETEC, established in 1997 by Peter Engel, your partner in top-tier security services. Focused on innovation and excellence, we’re committed to delivering security solutions that enable confidence in your personal and professional life. ETEC, has evolved into a trusted security provider, aiming to protect communities with a profound commitment to safety and peace of mind. Join us in creating a safer environment, step by step, for businesses, homeowners, and community leaders alike.

We have expanded our range of services to include:

– Housing system technology:
Installation of electronic components in special housings according to your specifications.

– Connection boxes:
We plan and manufacture connection boxes for video, controls, access, and alarm systems.

– Switchgear construction:
Video central in 19″ technology, smaller and medium-sized control cabinets according to your specifications.

– Cable assemblies: Camera system cables with and without connectors, coaxial cables, data cables, power cables. We can create a cable layout plan.

– Installations:
We install connection boxes, cameras, IR radiators on poles/walls.

Our advantages are:
– Lower administrative effort
– Willingness to compromise
– Lower workshop costs
– High quality standard
– Excellent customer service
– Very good conditions with housing manufacturers, as a large purchaser.
– Customized solutions tailored to individual needs
– Agile and responsive project management
– In-depth technical expertise and advisory
– Strong focus on innovation and technology advancement
– Environmental consciousness in product design and operations
– Commitment to long-term client relationships and support

Quick Customer Support

Cost Effectiv

Expert Know How

In Time Delivery

High Tech Hardware

We provide you with single product or complete systems."

Expert video transmission technology, from routers and switches to complete switchboards or connection boxes. Our systems are technically superior, ready to connect, and tailored to your needs.

People at ETEC Pforzheim

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The ETEC team is a dynamic group of skilled professionals, each bringing a wealth of expertise in security and technology solutions. Dedicated to innovation and excellence, we work tirelessly to deliver custom, cutting-edge solutions that meet your unique needs. Trust in ETEC’s team for unparalleled support and expertise in safeguarding your assets.
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