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At ETEC, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art Alarm and Access Control Systems tailored to meet the unique security needs of both industrial and private clients. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to ensure the safety and security of your premises, assets, and personnel by integrating advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces.

Our Alarm Systems are engineered to offer robust protection against unauthorized entry, theft, and other security breaches. Utilizing cutting-edge sensors and real-time monitoring technology, our systems provide immediate alerts in the event of an intrusion, ensuring a swift response to potential threats. Whether for industrial complexes or private residences, ETEC’s alarm solutions are customizable to fit the specific requirements of your site, offering peace of mind around the clock.

In tandem with our alarm solutions, our Access Control Systems offer precise management of entry points to your facilities. From biometric identification to RFID access cards, our systems ensure that only authorized individuals can gain entry, effectively preventing unauthorized access. Our access control solutions are scalable, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small offices to large industrial sites.

At ETEC, we pride ourselves on being your extended workbench, not just providing products but also offering expert technical advice and project implementation. Our mission is to enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations through innovative solutions and exceptional service. Trust ETEC to secure your premises with our cutting-edge Alarm and Access Control Systems, tailored to your specific needs.

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Mechanic System

Mechanical alarm and access systems offer robust security through proven technology. These durable, easy-to-operate solutions ensure reliable protection, making them ideal for sustainable security concepts. Designed for longevity and resilience, they provide an effective barrier against unauthorized access while maintaining user-friendly functionality. Perfect for environments needing straightforward, dependable security without reliance on digital components, our systems are a top choice for traditional and contemporary settings alike.

Electronic Systems

Electronic alarm and access systems deliver advanced security with cutting-edge technology. These sophisticated solutions are designed for precision and connectivity, offering seamless integration with existing networks. Ideal for modern environments, they provide robust protection through features like real-time alerts, remote access control, and customizable settings. Tailored to meet the demands of dynamic security needs, our electronic systems ensure enhanced safety with minimal maintenance, making them essential for comprehensive facility management.

Physic System

Physical security systems provide foundational protection with robust construction and strategic design. These systems are crafted for resilience, guarding against intrusion through physical barriers such as gates, fences, and reinforced access points. Ideal for environments requiring a strong, visible deterrent, they offer long-lasting reliability and can be integrated with electronic measures for layered security. Essential for safeguarding assets, our physical systems deliver uncompromised safety and peace of mind.

Software System

Software security systems offer sophisticated protection through advanced algorithms and seamless integration capabilities. These systems provide comprehensive security management, featuring real-time monitoring, threat detection, and automated response mechanisms. Designed for dynamic and scalable security needs, they enable efficient administration from a centralized platform, ensuring data integrity and system resilience. Ideal for organizations requiring high-level security oversight, our software solutions adapt to evolving threats, providing continuous protection and operational continuity.

Hybrid System

Hybrid security systems combine the best of physical and electronic security measures to offer comprehensive protection. These systems integrate robust hardware barriers with advanced software management tools, providing a multi-layered security approach. Ideal for complex environments requiring both tangible barriers and digital oversight, hybrid systems ensure seamless operation and enhanced safety through real-time monitoring, access control, and immediate response capabilities. They adapt to both external threats and internal policies, offering a versatile and effective security solution.

Integrated System

Integrated security systems offer a unified solution that combines video surveillance, access control, alarms, and data analytics into a cohesive platform. These systems are designed to enhance security by ensuring that all components work together seamlessly, providing comprehensive coverage and improved incident response. Ideal for complex security landscapes, integrated systems enable centralized management, real-time data synthesis, and coordinated actions across different security technologies. This approach not only increases efficiency and control but also leverages cross-functional capabilities to adapt to evolving security needs.

Card Based


Discover ETEC’s card-based access control: your secure solution for efficient entry management. Our customized systems integrate advanced technology with the highest security standards for optimal control and management.



Explore ETEC’s biometric access control solutions: Advanced security at your fingertips. Our tailored systems use cutting-edge biometric technology to ensure unparalleled access precision and reliability for your facility.

Mobil Access


Discover ETEC’s mobile access solutions: Convenience meets security. Our innovative systems enable secure, keyless entry through smartphones, enhancing accessibility while maintaining the highest safety standards. Perfect for dynamic, modern environments.

key or Pin


Introducing ETEC’s key or PIN access solutions: Simple, secure, and effective. Our systems provide straightforward access management with customizable key or PIN options, ensuring reliable security tailored to your specific needs.

network & Cloud


Explore ETEC’s network and cloud solutions: Seamless connectivity and robust security. Our advanced systems ensure reliable data transmission and storage, leveraging cloud technology for easy access and management from anywhere, anytime.

Building & Area


Discover ETEC’s building and area security solutions: Comprehensive protection tailored to your premises. Our systems are designed to safeguard entire buildings and specific areas, integrating cutting-edge technology for unmatched security and control.

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