Project consulting

Project Consulting


ETEC specializes in tailored project consulting services, providing expert advice and customized solutions for advanced surveillance and security systems. Our team ensures efficient implementation, addressing unique customer needs, and optimizing system performance to enhance security and operational efficiency. Trust ETEC for comprehensive support and innovative, reliable solutions.

Maintenance & Workbench


ETEC excels in maintenance and workbench services, ensuring the longevity and reliability of advanced surveillance and security systems. Our expert team provides regular system check-ups, timely repairs, and performance optimizations. Acting as an extended workbench for our clients, we deliver customized solutions and exceptional technical support, guaranteeing seamless operation and enhanced security.

Subcontracting & executing partner


ETEC is a trusted subcontracting and executing partner, delivering top-tier surveillance and security solutions. We provide end-to-end services, from initial consultation and system design to installation and ongoing support. Our expertise ensures projects are executed flawlessly, meeting the highest industry standards and exceeding client expectations. Trust ETEC for reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions.

General Support
Power Suply & POE
Switch Cabinet
fiber optic splicing
server rackets
LTE/5G network
CCTV & Video surveillance
Alarm System
access control
network cable assembly
electric assembly
Hardware Consulting

Garage Showcase

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ETEC offers a comprehensive portfolio of advanced surveillance and security solutions designed to meet diverse client needs. Our product range includes custom-built junction boxes and control cabinets, integrated access control and alarm systems, and reliable network technology for fast, secure data transmission. Additionally, we provide expert technical consulting and project implementation services. ETEC is dedicated to delivering innovative, high-quality solutions that enhance the safety and efficiency of our clients’ operations. Trust us for personalized service and cutting-edge technology tailored to your unique requirements.

Your Project / Our Experience

Tell us how to support. We are high experience Experts. We love the effort and the complexity

We are high-experience experts committed to providing top-tier support. We thrive on tackling complex challenges with dedication and precision, ensuring your security needs are met efficiently and effectively.

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